SASCHA BOERGER : Husband & Dad of 3 · Climate Reality Leader trained by Vice President Al Gore · Chief Technology Officer · Founding Member of Stanford Peace Innovation Network (PIN) · Innovator · Design Thicker · Double Implantee Cyborg · Technology Enthusiast · Cloud Leader @Volkswagen VG · Futurecaster · Technology Enthusiast · eMobility Believer · EV Maniac · IoT Discoverer · Developer Advocate ·  Startup Mentor & Investor

Technology is always a business enabler and should drive business value. It’s never an end in itself!

– Sascha Boerger

Know the rules well,
so you can break them effectively!

- Dalai Lama XIV

Great things in business are never done by one person alone. They’re are done by a team of people… with trust, respect & fun!

– Sascha Boerger